Who We Are

CAI Mandarin School Toronto is dedicated to making Chinese language and culture interesting and accessible to everyone. No matter what your language level or cultural background, our mission is to invite people to come together, to learn, think, and talk in a friendly and creative environment.

About Our Language Programs

Our Chinese language programs are the result of years of experience and extensive research by our language and education professionals. We devote an exceptional amount of attention to interactive learning in Mandarin and Chinese cultural.

At CAI Mandarin School Toronto, we design our programs with the modern world in mind, employing innovative teaching techniques and small class sizes to create courses that are interesting, efficient and, most importantly, effective.

What Makes Our Teaching Staff Special

CAI Mandarin School Toronto is committed to teaching excellence. We carefully select and train our language teachers to ensure that their style of instruction is encouraging, effective, and up-to-date.

All of our teachers are certified teachers from China with years of experience in teaching Chinese as a second languange. As a result, our teachers are among the most experienced professionals in the field.

Teaching Methods

The instructional techniques we use have been rigorously developed to improve the listening,speaking, reading, and writing abilities of our students,as well as their understanding of Chinese culture. By following our carefully designed curriculum, students will quickly acquire the grammar and vocabulary - not to mention the confidence - to carry on casual conversations in Chinese.

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